Building Decoration Lighting

Building Decoration Lighting

The decorative lighting of buildings has been used for partial and single-color lighting of residential buildings. Till now, it is widely used in the large-area lighting on skyscrapers. The international metropolis is full of buildings, large public buildings, and bridges with decorative lighting projected on them. From Berlin, New York, Moscow, London, Taipei, Shanghai Pudong, Hong Kong, Bangkok, to Jakarta.., there are lots of examples of local decorative lighting which is totally different from that on residential or public buildings. In contrast with partial building decorative lighting that was used for residence or public buildings in the past, nowadays building decorative lighting has to cover a much wider area and the color temperature of the lamp is colorful. Thus, the installation and maintenance costs will be much higher if choose traditional wiring method that employs using the independent LED drivers. Due to the aforementioned pain point, the industry began to try to use the centralized power supply to drive decorative lighting projected onto buildings. At the moment, together with DMX lighting controllers and lamps requiring 12-24Vdc working voltage, MEAN WELL’s 24Vdc system power supply solution easily gives the control over color temperature emitted from the luminaires and the benefit of reducing maintenance costs.

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