Total Power Solution

With over 30 years of industrial power supply experience, MEAN WELL provides a variety of standard power supply. Among them, the ultra-slim step shape type,

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Blind System Control

The Blinder system is a major part of the intelligent building control. A light sensor can be used to measure the sunshine radiation value of

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Heating System Control

The heating system is one part of the intelligent building control. A temperature sensor can be used to measure the temperature value of the office

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Manual Lighting Control

Manually turn on and off your lights with a physical switch or touch panel The most basic lighting control system consists of a physical switch, a KNX

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Intelligent Lighting Control

Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with our Intelligent lighting control system The basic automatic lighting control system consists of sensors, KNX devices with LED drivers, and lamps.

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Dimming / Dimmer

Create different light scenes, increase visual comfort and optimize power consumption with dimming A dimming lighting system consists of a physical dimmer, KNX device with LED driver, and lamp. For

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DALI Lighting Control

DALI is designed for dimming. A fundamental aspect of DALI is that it enables accurate, repeatable, standardized control of light-level outputs. A KNX DALI lighting

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