Diagnostic Instruments

Diagnostic Instruments

The most common instruments are the electrocardiograph (ECG), electromyography (EMG), optometry instrument, dental chair, etc… Such diagnostic instruments are usually placed near the doctor and the patient, and the human body may touch the instrument during diagnosis, so the medical requirements of the power supply will be more stringent. In order to ensure human contact is safe, the power supply will need to meet 2xMOPP isolation level and should be designed with ultra-low leakage to be suitable for BF type or even CF type applied parts. These types of applications can select MEAN WELL’s medical PCB type RPS/MPM/MFM series or external adapter medical power supply GEM/GSM series. If the end equipment needs to meet <10μA ultra-low leakage current or higher isolation voltage, medical grade DC-DC MDS/MDD series may be used to achieve higher isolation and lower leakage current levels.

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