High Bay Lighting

High Bay Lighting

The common application of bay lighting is used for the lighting application in warehouses or stadiums. Conventional bay lights are applied together with mercury bulbs or MHL multi-metal bulbs, so there are also concerns on power consumption and pre-heating before turn-on. To tackle such application in the market, MEAN WELL specifically develops circular shape with a patent for LED driver, HBG series. Output wattage covers 60W/100W/160W/200W/240W and 300W. MEAN WELL becomes the leader in UFO bay lighting design and makes utilization of LED bay lighting much more convenient. In the meantime, we provided 0-10V or DALI dimming functions to allow customers to use smart lighting control for energy saving purpose. Moreover, other outdoor power supplies such as ELG(C)/HLG(C)/HVG(C) series also can be used in the design of bay light fixtures. MEAN WELL has comprehensive solutions for all kinds of application.

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