Laser Processing Equipment

Laser Processing Equipment

In recent years, laser-based high-precision processing equipment is widely adopted by the alternative energy, information technology, biomedical, material science, and electronics manufacturing industries. Lasers can be utilized in a variety of manufacturing processes such as cutting, marking, welding, drilling, engraving, ablation, 3D printing, annealing, cleaning, etc. MEAN WELL system power solutions can be utilized as main AC to DC power source for laser applications, including CO2 laser, fiber laser, diode laser and so forth. The power supplies used to drive lasers need to be specially designed to meet the demanding requirements such as high-speed pulsed switching, fast response time, high efficiency, low noise, and high controllability. In order to provide a standard product that can fulfill the multitude of laser application requirements, MEAN WELL has devoted a considerable amount of resources to develop the LDPC-50A, which is a high-performance laser diode driver utilizing PWM switching topology. The LDPC-50A may be paired with existing high output power solutions from MEAN WELL to provide a complete system power solution to satisfy power requirements of laser diode applications.

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