Medical Application

Medical Application

The appropriate medical power supplies shall be selected based on the end systems electrical requirements, such as 2x MOPP isolation requirement, built-in or external installations, low touch current, multiple output voltages to drive different sub-systems and etc. MEAN WELL can provide medical power solutions with 3~55VDC and power ratings ranging from 400 to 1200W. In the existing product line-up, NMP and UMP series are all suitable for BF rated medical systems that whenever those are in use, in most cases normally sensors shall be attached to patients through wires or instruments are very close to human bodies. Therefore, a safe and reliable power solution is required. Moreover, among usage scenarios in medical world, configurable power supply perfectly fits power requirements for Diagnostic Imaging System, Medical Treatment Equipment, Medical Aesthetic Device, Biochemistry and Immunity Analysis, Electrical Assistive Device and much more.

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