Product Category​

The core four categories of products

AC/DC Power Supplies

We offers a massive in stock AC/DC Power Supply selection. You get to choose a power supply from the industry’s leading power supply manufacturers. We offer a variety of AC-DC power supply form factors to meet the specific needs of any power supply application. Output power ranges from 1W up to 24kW.

DC/DC Converters

Our Electronics stocks a comprehensive selection of reliable DC/DC converters from the industry’s leading DC/DC converter manufacturers. Browse our offering of DC/DC converters in brick, SIP, SMD, DIP, chassis, open frame, DIN rail, 1″x1″ and 2″x1″ packages. Our DC/DC converters meet feature/function, safety and compliance demands for a wide range of industries including: commercial, industrial, communications, medical and transportation. 

DC/AC Inverters

Our Electronics’ DC/AC Inverter solutions range from 100 to 3,000 Watts. Once you’ve found an  Inverter, We will make placing your Inverter order easy. No hassles, Our Electronics is your premier source for DC/AC Inverters. Experience the convenience, personalization, and reliability of ordering Power Inverters from Our Electronics. Contact us for assistance!

Low Voltage

Hangzhou Jiang Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with all kinds of low-voltage electrical products, the company is mainly engaged in distribution appliances, terminal appliances, control appliances, power appliances and other low-voltage electrical and electronic appliances, instrumentation, building appliances and automation control system and other products sales.