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》KNX Application Database

Software Introduction:

KNX Application Database contains Mean Well KNX product databases and information of application version, firmware version and history.
The KNX product line includes KNX LED drivers, actuators, dimming actuators, gateways, bus power supplies and system components.

》Smart Battery Charging Program Software V1.4

Software Introduction:

Smart Battery Charging Program Software is used to adjust battery charging curves and relevant parameters (boost voltage, float voltage, etc.) by connecting to SBP-001 programmer and Mean Well’s programmable battery chargers. With this software, users can cope with various types of batteries.

》Smart Timer Dimming Program Software V1.1

Software Introduction:

Smart Timer Dimming Program Software can set up to three dimming profiles of adaptive proportion, midpoint-set and fixed. Users can easily modify desired dimming profile for any location and season. This software only works with SDP-001 programmer and type D2 LED drivers.

》TN-1500 Inverter Monitoring Software V1.38

Software Introduction:

Inverter Monitoring Software is designed to work with TN/TS-1500/3000.
With this software, users not only can obtain operation status but also can set parameters of different AC voltages, frequencies and remote control the inverter.

》RKP-CMU1 Rack Power Controller Monitoring Software

Software Introduction:

RKP-CMU1 Rack Power Controller Monitoring is a power supply monitoring software.
Configured with RKP-CMU1 and a computer, the software enables users to monitor operation status of the system. Users also have the ability to change parameters of the power supplies, including remote on/off, voltage adjustment, current limiting, etc.

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