Spot Lighting

Spot Lighting

Conventional flood lighting employs a high-pressure sodium lamp, a mercury bulb, HID, MHL bulb. It not only has issues with high power consumption and pre-heating, but also lifespan is less than 15000 hours. Nowadays, lumen per watt of LED can replace these conventional light sources without any problems and achieve effectiveness on power saving and better life expectancy. MEAN WELL provides the most completed solutions with regards to IP67 waterproof outdoor LED drivers. No matter entry level FDL-65 series (65W), FDLC-80/100 series (80/100W)with 3 years warranty or ELG(C)-75/100/150/ 200/240/300 series (75/100/150/200/240/300W) which has the best cost-performance ratio. As for high voltage input 180~528V AC— HVG(C) Series which can be used in common 230V/347V or 1 phase 380V AC voltage from 3 phase input. When in use with fixtures at an industrial arena, both ELG(C) and HVG(C) output include low voltage output in CC + CV mode design to allow for the use of COB or general LED. Meanwhile, we also provide the high voltage output and constant current design to allow customers more flexibility in product design and 5 years warranty as well. In addition, MEAN WELL offers HLG(C) series with supreme quality. This series provides CC + CV modes low voltage output design and constant current high voltage output with the longest 7 years warranty, supplying customers with the supreme quality products.

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