Track / Rail Lighting

Track lighting is commonly used for the spotlight on commercial occasions. The main usage is the track with AC voltage is mounted to the ceiling and in combination with fixtures that can be mounted on the track to provide illumination. However, in general, such fixtures tend to be small due to the critical concern of […]

Downlight Lighting

At present, traditional commercial downlights use CDM ceramic composite metal lamp or HID gas bulb. However, LED luminous efficiency has been optimized to above 150 lm/W. The lumen value has surpassed the traditional bulb. The power consumption and radiant heat LED of downlights are lower, which indirectly reduces the indoor temperature, reaching energy-saving purpose. The […]

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

At present, the usage of LED strips has been quite common and stable. Many indoor indirect lighting or outdoor decorative lighting used LED DC 12V or 24V light strips. MEAN WELL provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting LED drivers. Currently, MEAN WELL offers the maximum 150W for indoor application and 600W for […]

Linear Lighting

With the increase on the brightness of LED, common 12V/24V LED Light strip or application on the light strip to be directly driven by constant current mode become very much more diversified in product applications nowadays. Besides lighting or decoration lighting, due to the increase on LED brightness, it has been gradually adopted to the […]

LED Bulb Lighting

As the traditional halogen bulbs, MR16/AR111 must be used with AC 110V or 230V to AC 12V stabilizers, there may be a problem if not switch to the use of the traditional AC 12V stabilizer. However, the new LED MR16/AR111 can be directly used with APV-08-12/APV-12-12/APV-16-12/APV-25-12 to ensure the safety and provide voltage 90-264V AC […]

Intelligent Lighting(IOT)

One major market trend in LED industrial lighting is how to make LED luminaires intelligent. MEAN WELL is dedicated to designing innovative power supplies, which is why we have developed the LCM-25/40/60BLE LED driver with a Bluetooth mesh networking solution, allowing customers to control luminaires using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 mesh protocol. All that is […]

Office Lighting

Traditionally, office lighting uses T8/T5 fluorescent lamps, including 2 feet or 4 feet lamps that pair with different fixtures. Nowadays, LED lighting luminaires have been widely used for office lighting. We often see fixtures that incorporate 22 feet or 24 feet side-edge and direct-lit panel or reflection-lit panel. MEAN WELL can provide corresponding LED drivers […]

Horticulture Lighting

Recently, horticulture lighting is one of the popular lighting applications. Not only can it replace conventional high-pressure sodium lamps, but it also can be used on the different color of LEDs with necessary tuning, so that required wavelengths for every stage of plants growth can be supplied. Horticulture lighting can be divided into top lighting […]

High Bay Lighting

The common application of bay lighting is used for the lighting application in warehouses or stadiums. Conventional bay lights are applied together with mercury bulbs or MHL multi-metal bulbs, so there are also concerns on power consumption and pre-heating before turn-on. To tackle such application in the market, MEAN WELL specifically develops circular shape with […]

Explosion Proof Lighting

Explosion-proof light is generally used at hazardous locations of flammable vapors or gas station. In order to prevent sparks during the process of lamp turning on, LED is now gradually adopted in explosion-proof lamp. With the advantage of minimized size in product design, LED far better fits for the application of explosion-proof lamp than traditional […]