UV Curing and Purification

UV Curing and Purification

Traditional UV lamps use mercury lamps. Other than the concern of heat, UV also deteriorates products that are under exposure to it. Moreover, the range of wavelength becomes uneven in different bulb lengths and short product life is also a critical issue to traditional UV lamps. However, lumens of LED and energy are able to take the place of traditional UV lamps by providing lower radiated heat and more even wavelength in irradiation. Thus, it raises product yield rate and delivers higher effectiveness to the end users. So far, the entire series of outdoor lighting from MEAN WELL can be utilized in UV LED, end users can select appropriate products according to the design of UV lighting modules. For example, the ELG(C) series with high-cost performance ratio or HVG(C) series to be powered up by industrial input voltage is suitable choices. 0-10V or DALI dimming can be tuned to be aligned with requirements of lighting fixtures.

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